Hampi Architectural Marvels

Hampi can be aptly called as the temple village of Karnataka which is renowned for its charismatic beauty of ancient temples. Although most of the temples in Hampi are in ruins but their architectural glory calls on scores of tourists as well as arts patronage from across the globe. Because of its glorious architectural heritage this place is often quoted as the land of architectural delight.

This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is dotted with more than 500 heritage monuments dating back to the ancient time. Each temple in Hampi tells its own story through its majestic architecture and delicate rock carvings which enthral tourists who come here from several parts of the world. The sculptured beauty of this place showcases the infinite talent of human creativity which infuses life even in a stone. This land of architectural wonder is a paradise for arts lovers, institution for archaeologists and source of attraction for tourists.

Some of the world famous Hampi attractions are:

Vittala Temple

This is the most magnificent temple of Hampi which is renowned for its architectural grandiose. It is the finest example of stone sculptures renowned for its soul simulating design and decorations. This beautiful temple is situated on the banks of river Tungabhadra. The Vijayanagara architectural style dominates the entire temple complex. The temple was built in the honour of Lord Vishnu in the Vittala incarnation. The mandapa is one of the prominent attractions of this temple which is known for its 56 pillars, out of which 40 pillars are 3.6 meters high disposed to form an aisle. While the remaining 16 pillars form a rectangular court in the centre. The musical pillars or SaReGaMa pillars which produce musical sound on tapping are among the most engrossing parts of this temple. The architectural saga of this temple makes it an architectural wonder which summons large number of tourists throughout the year.

Stone Chariot

It is another most popular attraction of this place which is built up of granite rock. This lotus shaped temple is a part of Vittala Temple which is famous across the globe for its grand architectural beauty, intricate design and superb stone sculptures. The most enthralling aspect of this temple is its stone wheel which is still movable. The architectural glory makes this temple the most sought after attraction of Hampi Tour.

Hazara Rama Temple

This is one of the popular temples of Hampi famous for its picture gallery crafted on walls and pillars showcasing the various themes of Ramayana. The intricate rock carvings and marvellous sculptures of this temple enthral tourists during their visit to this place.

Temples in Hampi are renowned across the globe for majestic architectural beauty and intricate rock carvings which calls on arts lovers, archaeologists and large number of tourists across the globe. These temples are popular Hampi Attractions which enthral tourists through their designs, decorations and architecture. Virupaksha Temple is the foremost attraction of Hampi Tour.

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