Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Periyar the known wildlife destination of Kerala is famous for its exotic collection of flora, fauna, avifauna and scenic landscapes. It is among the best known Wildlife Sanctuaries in India where tourists come in a large number to enjoy pleasurable and memorable holidays amidst serene and scenic ambiences. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats of Kerala and spread over an area of 777 sq. km. This national park is also one of the Tiger reserves of India where one can see the majestic predator wandering in their habitat.

The major wildlife attractions which tourists can see during their Periyar Wildlife tour are:


The geographical location gifted this sanctuary with evergreen and semi-evergreen forests which cover 75% area of this national park. Besides this the national park is also known for its exotic and vibrant collection of flora species whose diversities enthrall tourists during their visit to this place. Apart from this the scenic landscapes laden with lush green vegetations increase the charm of this place. According to the official data this national park has around 170 different species of ferns, 2000 kinds of flowering plants, 155 kinds of Fabaceae and 169 families of grasses.


The flora of this national park supports diverse varieties of fauna species whose charm enthrall tourists during their Periyar Wildlife safari. According to the government data, this national park is the home of around 53 tigers, 1000 elephants and other animals. Some of them are barking deer, lion-tailed macaque, Indian wild dogs, leopards and many more.

Along the fauna species, this national park also houses around 320 avifauna species. Some of them are racket-tailed drongos, kingfishers, darters and more. Periyar is also the home of 30 snake, two turtle species and 13 lizard species. It is also famous for 38 types of fish and 160 kinds of butterflies.

Periyar Boat Safari

It is the best way to experience the speckled charm of this national park. The Periyar River is the lifeline of this national park because it is the major source of water for animals and plants of this region. A boat safari is the best way to explore the scattered diversity of flora, fauna and scenic landscapes. The boats cruise done in a group of five to six, moving silently from one part of sanctuary to another. During cruise tourists get a closer view of the jungle and wild animals which thrill and excite tourists.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the popular tourist attractions of Kerala tourism. Large number of tourist prefers Periyar Wildlife tour to see the speckled charm nature in the form of flora, fauna and avifauna.

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