Visit Sikkim Monasteries for an Enthralling Experience

Sikkim is a beautiful tourist destination renowned for its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and magnificent monasteries. This is an enchanting place where tourists come to spend memorable holidays. It is also famous for its monasteries. It boasts of around 250 monasteries belonging to various sects of Buddhism. The monasteries are famous across the globe for their rich collection of Buddhist artefacts which provide deep insight into Buddhist culture. The monasteries are adorned with frescoes showcasing Buddhist legends, silk and brocade Thangkas, manuscripts and exquisitely carved wooden work.

The famous monasteries in Sikkim are:

Pemayangtse Monastery

It is a beautiful monastery situated in west Sikkim at Gyalshing which is 140 km from Gangtok. This monastery belongs to the Nyigma order of Buddhism. All other Nyigma order monasteries in Sikkim are subordinate to it. Originally this monastery was a small Lhekhang which was built by Lhatsun Chenpo in the 17th century. It was later rebuilt into a grand structure by the third Lhatsun Chenpo's the third reincarnate of Jigme Pawo. The monastery houses several religious idols and sacred objects. There is a wooden sculpture on the top floor depicting the maha guru's heavenly palace. There are 108 monks in this monastery who practice beliefs of Nyigma Buddhism.

Rumtek Monastery

This is among the beautiful and sacred monasteries situated 24 km from Gangtok. It is the seat of Kagyu order which is one of the 4 major Tibetan Buddhist sects. The architecture of this monastery resembles the Kagyu headquarter in Tibet. This monastery is famous across the world because of its unique collection of religious objects, scriptures, paintings and artefacts. It is a popular monastery where tourists come in large number to spend peaceful time which provides solace to their weary souls. The foremost attraction of this monastery is the annual dance show which is held here on the 28th and 29th day of the tenth month of the lunar calendar.

Enchey Monastery

The name Enchey Monastery means solitary temple. It was founded by Lama Drupthob Karpo of the Nyingma order of Buddhism. This monastery was built on the site which was blessed by Lama Drupthob Karpo, a tantric master who was famous for his power of flying. It is the residence of 90 monks belonging to the Nyingma order. Every year large number of festivals are held in this monastery but the charm of Chaam a religious masked dance is unparalleled. This festival is held in January every year.

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