Gujarat Arts and Crafts

Gujarat is the land of myriad facets whose charm calls on a large number of tourists from different parts of the globe. Among the several attractions of this place, Gujarat Art and Craft has its own mesmerizing appeal. Since centuries Gujarat has nurtured an amazing array of dyeing, weaving, embroidery, handicrafts made from wood, stone & metal, and printing techniques. The excavations at the Harappan sites in Gujarat at Lothal, Rangpur and Rozdi reveals that this state has a rich heritage of art and craft. These ancient practicesare still practiced with great zeal among several communities.

The well-known arts and crafts of this place are: ?

Gujarat Embroidery

Brocade is a distinctive weaving style of Gujarat in silk-satin cloth used while colour threads and stitches are used around the borders. The designing patterns which adorn the Brocade garments include floral design, animals, fruits and other various figures based on the style of designer. The beauty of brocade heightens by the use of diagonal gold thread stitching.

Tanchoi is another weaving style in Gujarat, which changes the texture of the fabric with the help of satin. This technique is highly used to weave saris as well as dress material in silk. The stained beauty of tanchoi clothes makes it highly demanded cloth of this place.

Patola sarees of Gujarat are one of the finest handwoven sarees produced in India today. This silk is often referred as the queen of all silks. Each Patola saree is lined with several twisted threads woven with great precision, which heightens its beauty. Patan and Surat are the famous center for Potala sarees. Surat is also known for patola patterns on velvets.

Jari Industry

Surat is the hub of Jari industry. This is among the oldest handicrafts of the state which is originated during the Mughal era. It is one of the biggest and important Jari manufacturing centers in India which produces some of the world renowned varieties of Jari work. Some of the popular Jari embroidery is Salama, Chalak, Kangari, Tiki, Katori and Kinkhab. ?


Exquisite and dainty wood carvings of Gujarat are famous around the world. The wood crafts of this state are known for their characteristic designs, richness of ornamentation, refinement and skill in execution. The wood carvers produce artistic wood carvings of animals, artistic objects such as teapots, table lamps, stools and toys for children. Among the Gujarat woodwork, the most famous one is the lacquered furniture of Sankheda near Vadodara. The furniture of this place is renowned for its intricate design and floral carvings.

Gujarat Metal Crafts

The metal craft of Gujarat includes jewelry making and metal utensils. The artisans of Gujarat create magnificent designs on jewelries in silver, gold and other metals. Kutch is famous for silver craft, in which light embossing is done on thin silver plates. Some of the popular silver crafts of this region are gulabdanis, jewelry boxes, attardanis, flower-vases, trays, utensils, and several other decorative items. The artisans of Gujarat create several metal works with copper, brass and iron. Some of the popular metal wares are metal lamps, votive figurines, nutcrackers, containers, and many other decorative items.


This tie-dyed fabric of Gujarat is in high demand across the globe. It is also known as Bandhej made up of superfine cotton mulmul and muslin, which are sometimes combined with gold checks and motifs worked in the jamdani technique. The fabric may be tied and dyed several times, depending on the number of shades in the final color scheme. The price of the bandhini depends not only on the fabric, but also on the number of times it has to be tied and dyed and the intricacy of the design.


This is another famous art and craft of Gujarat which is being practiced from historic ages. Potter crafts several fascinating items which are later painted with vibrant colors to make them attractive. Potters in the Kutch region also make beautiful terra-cotta toys whose charm is known across the world. The molded beauty of terra-cotta work is used for decorations.

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