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Porbandar, a coastal city in the Indian state of Gujarat, is well-known as the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and Sudama (Friend of Lord Krishna). This is a small but busy town located on the edge of beach and between Veraval and Dwarka. Because of its location beside the seaside, it remains an important center for trade and commerce since historical time. It was also the last capital of the Jethwa Rajputs who ruled this place for about 1200 years. This city is extremely rich in natural resources. Its lengthy seashore, rivers, lakes, hills, valleys, fields, desolate plains and grasslands are all nature’s gift that make this place a ranked tourist destination of Gujarat.

Some of the popular attractions of this place are

Kirti Mandir

This Mandir is built near the birthplace of Mahatama Gandhi which is visited by thousands of tourists every year. One can see the residence of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba here. Kirti Mandir also houses a Gandhian library and a prayer hall. It has been converted into a national monument and visited by thousands of visitor every day. The premises have a three storied ancestral house of Gandhi with his exact birthplace marked with a ‘swastika’. A narrow wooden staircase leads the visitor to an upper storey which was Gandhi’s reading room. The adjoining building of Kirti Mandir houses a prayer hall, a nursery and a steeple decorated with episodes from Gandhi’s life. This national monument is situated in the middle of the city and remains open for visitors on all days between 7.30 am to 1pm in the morning and 2 pm to 7 pm in the evening.?

Krishna-Sudama Temple

According to the Hindu mythology, Porbandar is also the birthplace of Sudama lord Krishna’s dear friend. This temple in Porbandar is the only temple in the entire country dedicated to Sudama. It is the temple where the Ksahtriyas of Rajasthan come for blessings after their marriage.

Huzoor Palace

This is a beautiful palace built in the European style with sloping roofs, several wings and big windows situated at the edge of Marine Drive. The palace was built by Natwarsinhji a former ruler of this place. The elegant design and beautiful constructions make this place a most famous attraction of this place.


This is a fortified palace which was built by the Rana Sartanji. It has a huge carved stone entrance gate flanked by high turrets and massive wooden doors. This is a three-storied structure on a high plinth famous for its sculptures of musicians, complex geometric patterns, images of sitting lions in different postures on long eaves, carved pillars, horizontal friezes and decorative ‘kanguras’. This architectural palace is visited by scores of tourists round the year.

Sartanji Choro

It is the three storied summer pavilion built in the Rajputana style by Rana Sartanji. This palace is located amidst sprawling gardens and famous for adorned pillars having the images of musicians, profusely carved foliated arches and a single dome at the top. It is the place where Rana Sartanji used to compose poems in Braj language.

Bharat Mandir Hall

This place is the mirror of Indian tradition which attracts scores of tourists who come here from several parts of the world. This hall has a large map of India and on the bas-relief there are pictures, sculptures and symbols and portraying Indian culture and religions. This is miniature of India’s religious and cultural diversity.

When to Visit Porbandar

The best time to visit is between Novembers to March.

How to Reach Porbandar

By Air: Pobandar is well-connected by air from major Indian cities. The airport is five kilometers from the heart of the city.

By Rail: Regular trains from major cities of India connect Porbandar by rail. Porbandar is directly connected to Mumbai.

By Bus: Porbandar is well connected by road from Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Junagadh and Jamnagar. Ahmedbad is about 412 kilometers from Porbandar. Jamnagar is around 124 kilometers and Rajkot is approximately 187 kilometers from this coastal town of Gujarat.

Where to Stay in Porbandar

Various categories of hotels and resorts are available at Porbandar. You can choose from various types of accommodation units that suit your taste, budget and purpose. All provide outstanding services and give grand hospitality to their guests. Hotels ensure an easy access to view various fascinating diversities of the city.

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