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Rajkot is a famous commercial and industrial city of Saurashtra, which was founded by Vibhoji Ajoji Jadeja of the Jadeja clan in 1612. It was the capital of Saurashtra centrally located in the Kathiawar peninsula and drained by the Aji River. This place is renowned across the globe for its bandhni textiles, cotton textiles, woolen, jewelry, silk embroidery and handicrafts.

It is also the place where Mahatma Gandhi spent his childhood days. He did his schooling from Alfred High School, now known as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi High School. It is the 4th largest city of Gujarat which is ranked 22nd in the world's fastest growing cities and urban areas from 2006 to 2020.

Some of the popular attractions of this place are

Kaba Gandhi's Gate

Kaba Gandhi's Gate is an ancestral home (1880) which is now declared as a national monument and named as ‘Gandhi Smriti’. It is a memorial museum containing photographs and personal belongings, which give insight into the childhood days of Mahatama Gandhi. ?

Watson Museum and Library

It is located in the Jubilee Gardens the Museum commemorating Colonel John Watson is a good introduction to Saurashtra's cultural heritage. This is a museum of human history and culture which displays artifacts from Mohenjodaro, 13th century carvings, silverware, and textiles. A huge 19th century marble statue of Queen Victoria is fascinating. There are many splendid portraits and photographs of royal princes of Saurashtra and European dignitaries, handicrafts, pottery and princely relics which enthrall tourists during their visit to this place.

Community Science Center and Planetarium

The community Science Center is run and maintained by an NGO. The purpose of this center is to promote educational programs, workshops, seminars related to science and math for children. Besides this, the NGO also imparts adult education on several social issues such as dowry, child education, AIDS and more. The Planetarium was constructed in 1992 which imparts information on planets, their positions, movements and their affects on nature by audio and video shows.

Jagat Mandir

Jagat Mandir or Universal Temple located on Yagnik Road is a beautiful temple carved in red stones built in 1934. The temple is dedicated to Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa and the main shrine or Garbha Griha houses a white marble image of Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna sitting on a Lotus Vedi.

Lal Pari Lake and Randerda

This popular picnic spot is located at a distance of 5 km from Rajkot. It is exotic natural spot known for its bird-watching. The lake is roosting place for different species of birds, including rare migratory birds. Some of the known bird species which can be sighted here are black tailed godwit, purple moor hen, common teal, pelican and spoon bill. ?

Rashtriya Shala

This place was founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1925 as a key center for governing Non-Cooperation Movement during the Indian Independence struggle. It is now famous for its Patola weaving.

Hanging Bridge

This bridge is located in Morbi of Rajkot. It was made from wire ropes and wood during the British rule. The bridge is 165 feet long and 4.5 feet broad and has been constructed over the River Machchhu.

BAPS Swaminarayan Temple

It is a temple which was built in 1998-99 by Swaminarayan Sampradaya located on the bank of Kalavad Road near Mahila College. The temple has one of the largest auditoriums in the state which can accommodate thousands of visitors.

Race Course

This is a large ground located in the heart of the city. It houses various places of interest, like Baalbhavan, Children Traffic Park, Fun World, etc. It is also famous for various sports facilities like Olympic-standard Indoor Stadium, International-quality Cricket ground, Football ground, Hockey ground, Volleyball ground, along with a gym and swimming pool.

When to Visit Rajkot

Weather of Rajkot is pleasant. In summer temperature ranges from 24 ?C to 42?C with maximum temperature reaching around 42?C. March to June is summer season. Winter season starts from October to February and temperature ranges from 10?C to 24?.

How to Reach Rajkot

By Air: Rajkot is connected to Mumbai by air.

By Rail:?Regular trains connect Rajkot to other important cities in Gujarat and India.

By Road: The State Transport Corporation runs regular buses to and from Rajkot, connecting it with the other cities of Gujarat and other states.

Where to Stay in Rajkot

Hotels in Rajkot ensure best stay opportunities to the travelers. Along with the five-star hotels of various groups, there are many luxury hotels that provide outstanding services and give grand hospitality to their guests. All hotels in Rajkot ensure an easy access to view various fascinating diversities of the city.

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