Vadodara Tourism

It was formerly the capital city of the Gaekwar rulers situated on the banks of River Vishwamitri in Gujarat State. This city has seen many civilizations from prehistoric times which blessed it with rich cultural heritage and colorful festivals. It is an important cultural center of India renowned for its art galleries, museums, palaces and well-laid parks.

Some of the popular attractions of this place are

Kirti Mandir

This is among the most beautiful temple located near the Vishwamitri Bridge. It is famous for numerous Shiva's temples, which were built in 1936 by Maharaja Sayaji Rao III to commemorate the memory of his ancestors. This temple is an example of architectural wonder known for its domes, terraces, balconies and central sikhara rising to a height of about 33 meters. The interior of this beautiful structure has marble finished and the walls are highly decorated with murals and marble mosaics of Mahabharata, Natir Puja and Mira Bai's life.

Aurbindo Society

It is the residing place of a renowned philosopher and eminent freedom fighter Maharshi Aurobindo Ghosh. After his death, the home was converted to a museum and became the national memorial. He also served as a private secretary to Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad from 1894 to 1906. The beauty of this place is enhanced by the gardens which encircled this place. Nicely displayed small museums on the life of Shri Aurobindo’s contributions are another attraction of this place, which are visited by scores of tourists who come here from several parts of the globe. ?

Baroda Museum and Library

This is one of the most famous museums of the country which was built in 1894. It is known across the world for a picture gallery which offers an excellent collection of famous British painter Turner. Some of the other known collections of this magnificent museum are Egyptian mummy, skeleton of a blue whale, Akota bronzes dating the 5th Century A.D. a collection of Mughal miniatures, Tibetan Art and oil paintings by several European masters.

Khanderao Market

This is a palatial building constructed by Sayaji Rao in 1906-07, which is now house of various offices of state government. The main entrance resembles with architecture of the gate of Dabhoi Fort. This palatial edifice is visited by scores of tourists around the year. ?

Laxmi Vilas Palace

This is one of the major popular tourist attractions of this place which was the official residence of the Maharajas of the territory. The palace was constructed between 1878 and 1890 by Maharaja Sayaji Rao III. It is one of the finest examples of Indo-Sarcenic style of architecture sprawling over an area of 700 acres. The interiors of the palace are famous for their opulent designs, marble mosaic, valuable furnishing and fine stone carving. The palace also showcases a rich collection of old armory and sculptures of terracotta, marble and bronze.

Sayaji Bagh

This is of the most eminent monumental structures built by Sayajirao III. The complex is visited for its gallery, a zoo, museums and toy trains rides. This is among the popular tourist attractions visited by scores of tourists round the year.

When to Visit Vadodra

The best time to travel to Vadodara is after October and before March. During these months, the weather remains pleasant. Also, October is the time for the Navratri festivities.

How to Reach Vadodara

By Air: Vadoddar is well connected to Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad through all the domestic airlines.?

By Train: Vadodara lies on the main broad-gauge railway lines between Mumbai-Ahmedabad and Mumbai-Delhi so there are several trains available to reach this place.?

By Road: Vadodara is well connected by road to various parts of India. State government runs buses ply to the neighboring states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. ?

Where to Stay in Vadodara

Vadodra is among the famous attractions of Gujarat Tourism which is visited by scores of tourists round the year. To cater the need of large number of tourists, there are number of hotels ranging from budgeted to 5 star ranking. These hotels provide an outstanding service and grand hospitality to their guests. All hotels present here ensure an easy access to view the various fascinating diversities of the city.

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