Arts and Craft of Jammu and Kashmir

Arts and Craft of Jammu and Kashmir

The splendid Handicrafts of Jammu and Kashmir make it famous all over the world. Some kind of elegant art work is present almost in everything in Jammu and Kashmir, be it embroidery on the shawls, papier-mache and steel ware and wood work. When it comes to Jammu and Kashmir Handicrafts, the villages of Anantnag and Srinagar have been quite famous for enhancing its creative beauty. They are world famous for carpets and wooden furniture. Along with it, the antique items include Shahtoosh Shawls and Pashmina shawls. Crewel ware, brass and silver ware are other interesting articles.

Famous Art and Crafts of Jammu and Kashmir:


Definitely, one of the most expensive and world renowned arts of Kashmir. Originally, the art of making carpets started from Samarkand in Central Asia. Later, the process itself witnessed a tremendous growth with the artisans from Iran experimenting with the motifs and textures. Carpets from Kashmir are made of wool and even silk, are available in a large number of variety.

Basket Weaving

These are made of willow rushes and this form of weaving can be used to make baskets or even lamp-shades. A little expensive, they can also be used as glass holders or picnic baskets. Hazratbal in Srinagar is known for basket weaving throughout India.


The typical Kashmiri embroidery is known as Kasida and is famous all over the world. It is very exquisite in its execution and is very rich and elaborate in colour. Quite interestingly, this embroidery, which is often done on saris and shawls, does not have a wrong side to it.

Pashmina Shawls

Shawls of Kashmir are known worldwide for their design, colour and embroidery. The fleecy wool obtained from the Kel goat is used for making Pashmina Shawls. They are very famous as ring shawls; even at the international levels. This is because they are so delicate and elegant, that they can easily pass from a ring, itself. A high value and elegant shawl has designs and motifs, equally embellished on both the sides.

Papier Mache

No matter how similar the papier mache articles look at the first glance, they have their own differences and originality. Three grades of paper are used for its designing. In the process of making it, paper is soaked in water till the time it disintegrates. Then an adhesive solution is used to mix it over, eventually molding it into different shapes which are later coloured and varnished.


Tweed is a pure wool product that goes through eight steps of wool shearing to take various shapes. Products of Tweed are available as long winter coats, jackets, blazers, waistcoats, suits, trousers, caps; also wedding suits. Apart from providing good insulation during winters, it is also a flourishing form of art and craft in Kashmir.

Walnut Wood Products

Kashmir is home to the best of walnut trees in the world. The wood of these trees are used to create various furniture and showpiece items. Kashmir has talented artists whose wood works have taken the products to international level. The state is known for semi carvings, lattice work, lotus flowers and chinar motifs. While on a shopping spree, products to pick up are furniture (tables, chairs, writing desks, dining tables etc.), cigar and cigarette boxes, jewelry boxes, photo frames and countless other articles.

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