Karnataka Forts

Forts and Monuments of Karnataka

If you wish to get the glimpses of the royal past, Karnataka can quench your thirst. A visit to the? monuments of the states will take you to the bygone era. These forts and palaces are the monuments that speak volume about the art, culture and the proud of the bygone rulers. A large number of such heritage sites in the state shows that the rulers have been art lovers. These are the evidences of the opulence of royal families.

Bull Temple

Situated in the Basavanagudi region, Bangalore, the famous Bull temple is a prime landmark. The temple is dedicated to Nandi, the mount of Lord Shiva. The temple was built by Kempe Gowda. This 16th century temple is worth visiting for heritage lovers.

Badami Caves

Badami cave temples are the examples of fine architecture of ancient age. Three Brahmanical temples and a Jain temple allure devotees as well as art lovers from different locations across the globe. Rock-cut architecture of the cave temples is one of its kind that is rarely visible and is a gift of the people of the olden days.

Belgaum Fort

The region of Belgaum was ruled by different dynasties. Thus, the fort came under different rulers and underwent with renovations many times. Originally built by Ratta Dynasty in 13th century, the fort is an amazing structure that was transformed by Yakub Ali Khan into an invincible fortress. Deep moat, battlements, huge walls, bastions and parapets were the highlights of the fort, which were the contribution of Yakub Ali Khan.

Mysore Palace

Majestic architecture and royal aura are the words that can describe the Mysore palace perfectly. The palace was originally built in the 14th century. Later in 1912, the palace got a new structure, which is the present one. It got its present structure by the courtesy of Henry Irwin, the British architect. Perfect use of grey granite in combination with deep pink marble makes it a worth visiting palace.

In addition to these, tourists can also visit different heritage buildings which include temples, masjid, inscriptions, rock shelters, tombs and forts. The popular names in the list of heritage? buildings include Yana Caves, Bahamani Tombs, Bangalore Palace, Queens Bath, Rangin Mahal, Singarada Hebbagrilu, Takht Mahal, Tarakash Mahal, Taylors Manzil, Tipu Fort and Vidhaan Soudha. In total, there are around 300 heritage buildings in the state.

Visit Karnataka to witness the Glimpses of History in the Royal Aura!!!

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