Dances of Kerala

Vibrant and expressive, the dances of Kerala add hues of red, yellow, blue, gold, happiness, gaiety, enthusiasm and life to this sparkling emerald land that is an eclectic blend of natural treasures and ancient ethnic customs.

Local legends, traditional stories, age-old customs, cultural beliefs and mythological stories find expression in the brilliant dances of Kerala, South India.

Kerala is famous the world over for its enchanting performing arts that were encouraged during the ancient and medieval era by local rulers who were great patrons of paintings, drama, music, dance and other art forms.

The land is a colourful pot pourri of folk arts, classical dances and tribal dances that show you a delightful world of unlimited ancient customs that have cascaded down the generations and find expression in performing art forms.

Some of the popular classical dances of Kerala that add colour to this fascinating land with its captivating wilds, divine shrines and hospitable folk are Kathakali, Mohiniattam, Thiruvathirakalli, Kolkkali, Oppana, Valakkali, Chavittunatakom and Tholppavakoothu.

Watch the tribals of Kerala in action as you see them gyrating in rhythm to drum beats and traditional hill songs. Some of the popular Kerala tribal dances are Kaanikkar Nritham, Kaadar Nritham, Man Kali, Mudiyattom, Elelakkaradi and Thavala Kali.

The dances of Kerala offer the perfect platform for the local artists to showcase the glittering Kerala culture to the world by means of performing arts.

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