Snake Boat Races in Kerala

Exciting, electrifying, thrilling and mesmerizing, the snake boat races in Kerala infuse you with a spirit of joyous celebration and adventure.
Kerala is world famous for its rousing snake boat races that draw spectators from all over the country and abroad every year.
The quiet serene backwaters spring to life and enliven the entire ambience once a year when the snake boat races are organized. Becharmed at the enthusiasm exhibited by the people who live in Kerala villages. It is considered to be a matter of great pride to be able to participate in the snake boat races in Kerala, South India.

The traditional boats that are used in the snake boat races in Kerala, South India are known as chunduvalloms.

Men come together and build massive chunduvalloms or regattas out of massive tree trunks. These boats are painted in vibrant colors and are shaped like massive snakes with their prows shaped like open snake jaws.

Each snake boat is equipped to support more than 100 oarsmen at a minimum.

Some of the popular snake boat races that enliven emerald Kerala backwaters once a year are the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Aranmula Snake Boat Race, Rajiv Gandhi Boat Race, Champakulam Moolam Snake Boat Race, Payippad Boat Race, Pamba Snake Boat Race and several other exciting events that add a dash of color to green Kerala, South India.

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