Keibul Lamjao National Park


Located at the state of Manipur, in the north east of India, Keibul Lamjao National Park is a popular tourist destination. Sprawled in an area of 40 sq km, the park was established in 1966 as a sanctuary. Later on in 1977, it was declared as a National Park. Famed across the world for being the only 'Floating Sanctuary', it encompasses 40 sq km wetland.

Other than the vegetation and terrain, Loktak Lake (6,475 ha) is the highlight of the place. It is the largest freshwater lake in India of which a large area falls within the park.

The Flora

Keibul Lamjao comprises of the unique 'phumdi' or floating marshes. Eighty per cent of the flora is immersed and the vegetation forms around 90-120 cm thick cover on the surface of water.

The Animals

Visitors can see very rare animals inside the park. The brow-antlered deer Cervus eldi eldi is the main attraction of the park. Other species of deer that tourists can seen here are Sambar, the Hog Deer and Muntjac. The Rhesus monkey, The large Indian civet Viverra zibetha and small Indian civet Viverricula indica, common otter Lutra lutra and wild boar Sus scrofa are among the large mammals found in the region. Sometimes, very rare lesser wild cats such as the marbled cat and Temminck's golden cat can be sighted. Tourists can also spot The Malayan bear and The Himalayan black bear.

The Birds

A variety of rare birds can be seen in Keibul Lamjao and the Loktak Lake. The Hooded Crane, The Black Eagle and the Shaheen Falcon are the popular ones here. The Eastern White Stork, Green Peafowl and Bamboo Partridge are also found here.

Some of the species of hornbills that visitors can see here include the Pied Hornbill, the Brownbacked Hornbill, Rufousnecked Hornbill, the Great Pied Hornbill and the Wreathed Hornbill.

Best time to Visit

From November to April is the best time to visit the park.


Inside the park is Phubala, which is a forest rest house that offers good accommodation. Other options in and around the park are the basic in which the visitors have to arrange the food on their own.

How to Reach

By Air: Imphal (53 km. from the park) is linked by flight to major cities like Delhi, Calcutta and Guwahati (469 km).

By Rail: Dimapur that lies 215 km from Imphal is the nearest railhead.

By Road: Imphal is linked by road with Guwahati (469 km.) through National Highway No.39 and Silchar through National Highway No. 53.

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