Lakes in Mizoram


Just like other attractions of beautiful state of Mizoram, lakes of the region are also alluring nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Blessed with abundant natural beauty, this state is one of the seven sister hills of North-Eastern India. Picturesque locations of these lakes have made these popular across the globe.

Famous lakes in Mizoram include:

Tamdil Lake

Situated in Aizawl district, Tamdil is a natural lake. According to the legend, the lake came out of a huge mustard plant. It is said that before the origin of this lake, it was the location of a huge mustard plant. Cutting of that huge plant resulted into jets of water from the plant. This created a pool here. Name of the lake is also dedicated to that plant which means, 'Lake of Mustard Plant'. Encircled with different tropical evergreen plants and moist deciduous forest species like Albizzia sp., Artocarpus sp. and bamboos, the lake enjoys richness in avian fauna and the aquatic fauna.

Palak Lake

Palak, an oval-shaped lake is hidden and amazingly beautiful. Palak lake is located in Lakher region, Chhimtuipui district. Sprawled over an area of around 30 ha, the lake is around 200 m long and 150 m wide. According to the belief, the credit of existence of this lake goes to an earthquake or a flood. Associated with different legends and stories, the lake is an interesting place. It is believed that ?a village still lies deep under the water of this lake. Surrounded with the rich flora, the lake is the only abode of wild duck and aquatic birds in Mizoram. The lake also enjoys richness in fish and crabs.

Rungdil Lake

This is one of the most interesting attractions of the region. Situated at a distance of around 14 km from Suangpuilawn village, the lake is spread over an area of around 2.5 ha. The name Rungdil is the acquired from a distinct former fact. The lake once was home to numerous partridges, this brought name the 'Rungdil' to this lake, which means the 'Lake of Partridges'.

Rungdil is divided in two parts. Both are almost similar and are separated by a narrow belt of land. It is believed that somewhere deep, these two lakes have some connection and if two halves of a pumpkin are thrown into different lakes, they will surface in the same lake.

Rengdil Lake

The fact that separates this lake from others is its base. It is a man made lake whereas all other are natural lakes of Mizoram. Situated at a distance of around 8 km from Zamuang village, the lake is a beautiful place to spend quality time with your inner self.

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