The remote peninsula in Russia’s Far East is a dream of all the extreme seekers and nature lovers. It’s a land of Geysers, volcanoes and a wide range of activities and nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk, is a 780-mile-long peninsula located in the Russian Far East. Famous for its large and plentiful brown bears, the region's volcanoes constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The peninsula contains numerous rivers and lakes, and its eastern shore is deeply indented by gulfs and bays. Its central valley, drained by the Kamchatka River, is enclosed by two parallel volcanic ranges that extend north-south and contain around 120 volcanoes. The highest point is Klyuchevskaya Sopka (15 600 ft), itself an active volcano. Kamchatka is rich in mineral resources such as coal, gold, mica, pyrites, sulphur and tufa. Fishing, sealing, hunting and lumbering are the main occupations there. The seas surrounding the peninsula are a rich Russian fishing area (notably for crabs, which are exported worldwide), while fur trapping on the peninsula yields most of the furs of the Russian Far East. You’ll find cattle being raised in the south, with farming of rye, oats, potatoes and vegetables in the Kamchatka valley and around Petropavlovsk. Reindeer are also raised on the peninsula.

Many Industries include fish processing, shipbuilding and woodworking. Russia's only geothermal power station is on the peninsula. There is also some tourism, particularly in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve, noted for its geysers. The Russian explorer Atlasov visited Kamchatka in 1697. The region's exploration and development continued in the early 18th century under Tsar Peter I, while Russian conquest of the territory was complete by 1732. Heavy Russian colonisation occurred in the early 19th century.  From 1926 to 1938, Kamchatka formed part of the Far Eastern Territory. The peninsula, subsequently part of the larger Kamchatka oblast (region), now forms part of Kamchatka Territory, which includes offshore islands and areas of the mainland bordering the peninsula.

In summer, one can kayak, hike, fish, surf, see bears and whales. In winter, it’s mountain skiing and snowboarding. Despite a lack of proper infrastructure and having to rent an expensive helicopter ride to reach the top, nothing can express the emotions that one can experience sliding down right to the ocean. However, visiting Kamchatka is very expensive! Plane tickets to get there and then renting helicopters, off-road vehicles, boats, as well as all the equipment will cost a small fortune, and moreover, prices for ordinary foods are, naturally, much higher there.  Just give us a call today, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

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