«Two Capitals and Golden Ring»
Group Tours to Russia

10 days/ 9 nights
Fix dates arrivals (Monday arrival to SPB):
Saint Petersburg (4) – Moscow (3) – Suzdal (1) – Sergiyev Posad (1)

Arrival dates to Saint-Petersburg.

Month Dates
June 13, 27
July 11, 25
August 8, 22
September 5, 19

*Check inn in the hotel from 12.00 noon

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For this route collected culture and architecture masterpieces of Russia where the history took place to establish the largest country in the world. Starting from the heart of Russia for two the most important cities political and cultural you will proceed to cities where Russian soul was born. This authentic adventure with historical, culture and scenery moments you remember for the whole life.


Day 1. Monday. Arrival to Saint-Petersburg (International flight).

Arrival to the international airport of Saint-Petersburg city, passing immigration, collecting luggage, and welcoming by our representative who assist you for transfer and hotel check inn. City’s brief introduction on the way to the hotel, check Inn time and relax. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2. Tuesday. Saint-Petersburg

Breakfast in the hotel at 09.00.
After breakfast at 10.00 meet your guide at the lobby of the hotel and proceed for the walking excursion tour in Saint-Petersburg.

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  • You start the program from visiting metro and proceeding to Kazan Cathedral. Here is keeping one of the most important icon for all orthodox – the icon of Our Lady of Kazan. The current Cathedral is masterpiece of Russian ampere architecture style.
  • Singer House (The House of Books). One of the most remarkable buildings on the Nevskiy prospect.
  • Elisseeff Emporium. The shop with State-of-the-art architecture, fantastic interiors and a lot of highlight stories related to the building.
  • Anichkov Bridge. The old entrance gate to the city and one of the most beautiful bridges of the city.
  • Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. Magnificent church with Italian pink marble floors and numerous mosaics was modeled after 16th and 17th century churches, contrasting sharply with the prevailing architectural styles. (View from outside).
  • The Yards. One of the most special part of attraction of St Petersburg - its yards.
  • Palace Square. The view of the main city square with an exquisite line of architectural masterpieces is going to take your breath away.
  • Winter Palace. If you heard about Saint Petersburg, you should hear about the Winter Palace - one of the greatest architecture masterpieces in the world, the residence for many years to Russian Emperor family.
  • Neva Embankment. The legendary river dominating the city landscape.
  • Statue of Peter the Great. One of the most recognized symbols of city founder and national hero.
  • Admiralty. Related to times of Russian fleet establish the dominating spire in the city skyline helps you to get oriented.
  • Saint Isaac's Cathedrals one of the most impressive buildings in the city and one of the biggest Cathedrals in the world.

After lunch (not included, the place will be recommended by guide) You visit Hermitage.
One of the world's biggest museums hosts masterpieces from all over the world. The shine of the outstanding halls is very well supplemented by Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Gogh, and many other artworks.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3. Wednesday. Saint-Petersburg.

Breakfast in the hotel at 09.00.
After breakfast at 10.00 meet your guide at the lobby of the hotel and proceed for the driving excursion tour in Saint-Petersburg.

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  • St Nicholas Naval Cathedral. Probably the finest examples of the Baroque architectural style in Russia.
  • Mariinsky Theatre. One of the most famous opera and ballet theatres in the world.
  • Quay with Sphinxes. These unique monuments are 3500 years old and were delivered to St Petersburg from Egypt.
  • The Spit of Vasilevskiy Island. The legendary architectural complex serving as the famous postcard-view of the city.
  • Peter and Paul Fortress. The first city fortress has given the birth to the city and to the whole Russian Empire.
  • "Aurora" Russian cruiser. The legendary cruiser, the symbol of the Socialist Revolution of the 1917, which participated in both World Wars. (View outside entry fee is not included)
  • Summer Garden (Closed on Tuesdays). The oldest park in the city founded by Peter the Great just the next year after the city foundation.
  • Chizhik-Pyzhik. The Chizhik-Pyzhik is one of the smallest monuments in the world, but it became a symbol of the city, so you should not miss it!
  • Saint Michael's Castle. The story of the castle where the Russian Emperor Paul I lived only several days is still shrouded in mystery. (View from outside, entrance fee is not included).

Duration of program 4-5 hours. Then drop to the hotel and free time to explore the city.

Optional Cruise on Neva river (for approx. 2 hours) with autoguiding and assistance - cost US$ 25 per pax

Enjoy the canals and history of Cultural capital on open deck cruise boat.
Overnight at the hotel.

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Day 4. Thursday. Saint-Petersburg. Visit of Peterhoff and Tsarskoe Selo (120 km – 2 hours drive in total)

Breakfast in the hotel at 08.00.
After breakfast at 09.00 meet your guide at the lobby of the hotel and proceed for the excursions to Peterhoff and Catherine Palace Tour.
Peterhoff is a former summer residence of the Russian Tsars in the 18-19 centuries. Explore Peterhoff, which was designed on the request of Peter the Great to rival Versailles in France. It consists of 300-acre park on the shore of the Finish Gulf, spectacular fountains, the Grand Palace, crowning the hill above the fountains and about 20 smaller Palaces and pavilions, to represent «Russian Versailles».
now. Enjoy the picturesque Lower Gardens with three unique cascades, dozens of powerful water jets and miniature palaces - Monplaisir, Marly and Hermitage.
Take a deep breath looking at the center of the composition, the Grand Palace and the Grand Cascade,
including staircases, waterfalls, an avenue of 64 fountains and 37 gilded statues.
Take a picture of the symbol of Peterhoff, «Samson killing a lion» fountain, an allegory of the crucial victory of Russians over the Swedish army at the Poltava war in 1709.
After lunch (lunch on your own, place will be advised by the guide) proceed to another highlight of Russian architecture – Catherine palace. Built in 18th century for the Russian Empress Elisabeth I, the daughter of Peter the Great ithe palace is situated in the town of Pushkin - a little suburb of St. Petersburg. The other name of the place is Tsarskoye Selo, which is translated into English like Tsar's village. You will enter the building from the spectacular courtyard, will enter the Golden Enfilade and State Palatial Interiors through the main staircase, will see the Amber Room and have a chance to enjoy a relaxing walk in the park and take numerous great photos.

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Then drop to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5. Friday. Saint Petersburg – Moscow (by rapid train).

Breakfast in the hotel at 09.00.
Day time transfer to the railway station to get on board of rapid train to proceed to Moscow. Meeting with the representative of the company who assist you for transfer and hotel check inn. Check inn time and relax. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 6. Saturday. Moscow.

Breakfast in the hotel at 09.00.
After breakfast at 10.00 meet your guide at the lobby of the hotel and proceed for the walking excursion tour in Moscow.

  • You start the program from visiting metro and proceeding to Revolution Square metro station where find out what bring the luck to local people and what part of the stations the thieves prefer.
  • The theater square with one of the most famous theaters in the world – The Bolshoi theater
  • Red square the heart of Russia and the most famous landmark in Moscow with view of Kremlin and Lenin’s tomb.
  • New seven wonders pretended from Russia Saint Basil’s Cathedral, protected by UNESCO (from outside only, entry fee is not included)
  • Zaryadye park - unique territory in the historical center with floating bridge and whole Russia flora built in 2017. You will enjoy the views of Kremlin.
  • Gum department store – historical trading rows and architecture masterpiece at red square.
  • Nikolskay street – one of the symbols of football championship of 2018 in Russia
  • KGB Headquarters where you listen about one of the most successful secret services in the world.
  • Tverskaya Street, Manejnaya Square and Aleksandovskiy Garden

After lunch (not included, the place will be recommended by guide) You visit Kremlin.

Inside Kremlin’s territory access is from both Kutafia and Trinity towers. You will see:

  • Cathedral Square, a breath-taking architectural ensemble of the 15th – 17th centuries, where the life of Russian grand princes and tsar started and ended, the Annunciation Cathedral where they were baptized /Christianize, the Assumption Cathedral where they were crowned and the Archangel Michael C athedral where they were buried.
  • Tsar ’s bell and Tsar Cannon, stunning examples of casting of the 16th – 18th centuries.
  • The Grand Kreml in Palace, from the imperial residence to the Russian President’s gala reception quarters.
  • Political and govern mental buildings of the Kremlin, the Senate, the Palace of Congresses, the Arsenal.
  • Kremlin walls and towers, a unique fortress of middle Ages’ Russia.
  • Bell Tower

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After excursion guide assist you to reach hotel exploring metro. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 7. Sunday. Moscow.

Breakfast in the hotel at 09.00.
After breakfast at 10.00 meet your guide at the lobby of the hotel and proceed for the driving excursion tour in Moscow. In this program you will pass by the famous landmarks of Moscow around the city center, so keep your cameras ready to catch fantastic postcard views. You will start from view of Kremlin from Patriarch Bridge, enter the magnificent Cathedral of Christ the Savior; admire the historical walls of Novodevichy Convent, proceed through the Victory Park and Arbat street, see Moscow laying beneath your feet from the observation deck of Sparrow Hills.

  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The main and largest Russian Cathedral on the bank of Moscow river. It is the highest orthodox Church in the world.
  • Pedestrian bridge over the Moscow river. One of the most picturesque places for shooting Kremlin and around.
  • New Maidens' Convent. Enjoy the peaceful view of 16th century Convent and picturesque pond opposite it. Guide interacts the history of this place.
  • Sparrow Hills. The observation platform with amazing view of Moscow and Luzhniki Stadium is the best panoramic point to feel spirit of Moscow.
  • Stalin’s skyscrapers. Next to observation platform you will see the building of The Moscow State University one of famous Stalin skyscrapers. During the program you will get a chance to observe 3 out of 7 impressive buildings.
  • Victory Park. Spacious memorial complex commemorating the Great Patriotic War (World War II). The park is full of fountains and monuments with great includes endless fountains and monuments with a dominating 142m obelisk.
  • White House. The building of the Russian parliament played its dramatic role in the new country development in early 90s’.

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Arbat Street. The one-kilometer-long pedestrianized street in the historical center of Moscow.
Duration of program 4-5 hours. Then drop to the hotel and free time.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8. Monday. Moscow – Vladimir – Suzdal (230 km – 4 hours drive)

Early Breakfast in the hotel.
After breakfast meet your guide at the lobby of the hotel and proceed for familiarize with major cities of the Golden Ring. The Golden Ring is a tourist route that passes through the ancient cities of Central Russia located around Moscow. These territories formed the United Muscovite state, here Sciences and art developed. Currently the white stone architecture of the cities of the Golden Ring is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Transfer from Moscow to Vladimir. In Vladimir we will visit:

The Golden Gate – the symbol of Vladimir

The Assumption Cathedral – this cathedral used to be the main Russian cathedral more than 100 years. Many of the Russian monarchs were crowned there. The Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir was the pattern for the Assumption Cathedral in Moscow.

The Cathedral of Saint Demetrius – it is decorated with more than 500 white-stone carved reliefs.
We will also walk along the main and the most beautiful street in Vladimir Bolshaya Moskovskaya. We will visit Saint George’s church which was founded by Yuri the I Dolgorukiy.
Transfer to Suzdal.

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The city of Suzdal is first mentioned in The Chronicles of 1024. Very soon the city became the religious center of the first rank that had numerous monasteries and churches. Today the city is an important tourist center with many examples of ancient Russian architecture. You will visit:
The Kremlin of Suzdal – it is the historical center of the city. The merchant’s wooden house it is about 200 years old, the ancient carved wooden gate of the 19th century, various churches in the Kremlin and the Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral.
The Market Square - it is the trading place with the more than 800 years history. It is the place where some of the famous Russian movies were shot.

The Convent of the Deposition of the Virgin’s Robe - this is the oldest convent in Suzdal, it was founded in the 13th century. Here you can climb up the stairs of the Prepodobenskaya bell tower. It is the highest sightseeing place in Suzdal, here you can observe the city from the 131 feet high point (40 meters).

The convent of the Intercession - this convent was founded in the 14th century. This convent was the place of imprisonment of the tsars’ and emperors’ wives. Vasil III, Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great and many other famous people sent their wives to this cloister.

Yuri the I Dolgorukiy Residence in the Village Kideksha – there you will see the oldest white stone cathedral in the central part of Russia. This cathedral was founded in 1152. It is included in UNESCO World Heritage List.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 9. Tuesday. Suzdal – Rostov – Sergiyev Posad (300 km – 4.5 hours)

Early Breakfast in the hotel.
After breakfast meet your guide at the lobby of the hotel and proceed for the excursion tour to Rostov.
Rostov is one of the oldest cities in Russia. From 988 it was one of the leading Russian bishoprics. In the thirteenth century, Rostov became the capital of one of the most prominent Russian principalities. Even after it lost its independence, Rostov remained an ecclesiastical center of extreme importance. We will visit the Kremlin and enamel Museum and walk to Lake Nero.

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Then proceed to Sergiyev Posad. Here you will visit the Monastery of the Holy Trinity and St. Sergius which is one of the most important monasteries and the spiritual center of the Russian Orthodox Church. According to UNESCO, which declared it a World Heritage Site in 1993, it is "a good example of an Orthodox monastery in operation, with military features typical of the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries, during which period it developed. UNESCO highlights that among its treasures is the famous icon of the Holy Trinity, the work of Andrei Rublev.
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 10. Wednesday. Departure from Moscow

Breakfast in the hotel at 09.00. Room in the hotel till 12.00
On time departure to the airport on flight to Moscow to your destination.
Caper Travel thanks you and hope to see you again in Russia.

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