Responsible Tourism
Our Responsibility, Our Aim!

It is our constant endeavor at Caper Travel to practice Responsible Tourism and to foster greater awareness of it among travelers all around the world. As part of our philosophy, we ensure that our tours are eco friendly tour packages that do not harm or disrupt the local culture or climate, or damage the ecology of the region in any way. We also encourage our travelers to be responsible tourists whose presence is not detrimental to the local culture of a region in any way.
Responsible Tourism entails that tourism organizations look after the destinations, their attractions and resources - and ensure that they are not spoiled either for local people or for future visitors. It also entails inculcating a caring attitude towards the environment as well as providing employment opportunities to local people in the form of direct employment or by engaging them in supply and provision activities.

Some of the other activities that can be undertaken by tour operators are the use of hotels that pursue good environmental practices such as conserving water and minimizing waste. Use of locally owned hotels and transport companies which provide employment and income for the local population. Hiring of local guides. Providing customers with key information such as tips on how to dress, how to say a few words in the local language and important customs of the destinations of India. Tour operators could also help by supporting local community & conservation projects.

At Caper Travel we encourage our customers to think about the impact they may be having on the surroundings and people that inhabit them. We suggest they reduce the use of plastic cups and use locally available terracotta cups, and re-use plastic bags or drinking bottles. ?We also suggest them to dispose their garbage thoughtfully, by not leaving it around and by preferably burying all biodegradable matter. Courtesy and common sense are also advisable when traveling. We also request our customers to avoid buying products that further endanger threatened species and habitats.

Our tours and travel packages have an environmentally conscious and caring approach and we ensure that our presence or activities do not disrupt the local culture, in any way. Travel in India with us will be an eco friendly experience.

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