State Museum Lucknow

State Museum: The abode of Pre-historic antiquities of India

Every museum, just like a spell-binding mix of characters of a story, encompasses a world of past memorabilia within itself. For museum lovers, it is beyond an artistic time-machine, gearing you for the past. To the extent you crave for. Or perhaps, what you are prepared for.

And in the end, the gravity of knowledge that oscillates within your soul cannot be defined through words. After all, you just crossed several decades, ages and epochs, in just one single space.

Deftly arranging the multiple layers, historical narratives and archaic remnants hailing right to the pre-historic era, the State Museum in Lucknow re-defines the elegant art of conserving artefacts. Enhancing the tradition, zeal and custom of preserving Uttar Pradesh’s past, this museum weaves stories for those who can hear. It prints footsteps to enter the past, for those who crave to follow.

Established in 1863, the State Museum of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh is an important historical tourist destination.? Built by the then commissioner of Lucknow, the museum has survived to preserve its antiquities, in spite of the change in its location. Presently, it is situated, quite incongruously, in the Prince of Wales Zoological Garden.

Carrying the vestiges of the past, today it is one of the richest and oldest museums in Uttar Pradesh. Emanating its own aura and cultural heritage, this museum further adds beauty to the city, known for other famous historical architectures like Bara Imambara, Clock Tower, Chota Imambara and Hazratganj.

Smartly structured into galleries, the museum is known for preserving items related with paintings, sculptures, anthropological specimens and decorative arts. In addition to it, one can spot 21,500 books and 4950 journals dating with the history of India.
Do not miss to spot the golden coins once minted at Ahmedabad, 2nd century images of Balarama and Panchmuki idols as well as statue of Sravasti. A casual exploration of the museum endows you a deeper understanding of India’s ethnographic and cultural past.

Following are the main tourist attractions in State Museum of Lucknow


It embraces quite an impressive collection of sculptures, dating back to the Sravasti, Nalanada, Mahoba and Gandhara school of art and tradition. In total, the museum boasts of 3463 sculptures.
Egyptian Mummy: Definitely one of the prized possessions of the museum, this 3000-year-old remnant of Egyptian mummy adds to the beauty of the curated space. Presumably, it was purchased by Mr. J.J.E Potter, a UK national. This mummy, perhaps, is of a 13-year-old girl and presently is safeguarded within a glass enclosure.


A large collection of memorabilia and artefacts, especially statues are preserved in this museum, adding to its tourist attraction. Few of the interesting ones are intriguing statues of Lord Shiva, dating to the 5th century. Most often, these statues date back to either the Indus Valley Civilisation or the Gupta Period. Rare birds, dancing Nataraja and standing Buddha are few of the other attractions.


Comprising of more than hundred thousand antiquities, it gives prominence to excavating and preserving artefacts from the ancient and medieval India. It includes 1827 ancient pottery items, 554 clay seal structures, 1700 paintings, 1,40,000 coins and 500 bronze metals.

So, go ahead and touch the soft skin of India’s history, elegantly. Tours to State Museum in Lucknow would not only make you fall further in love with this Nawabi city, but it would broaden your thoughts, like nothing else can.

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