Explore the Fortified Fort of Junagarh

Bikaner is an enchanting city of Rajasthan which has mesmerizing attractions to capture your heart. From rich culture to majestic architectural marvels, this city has a lot to offer. This city is an important destination on the traveler's itineraries of Rajasthan Tour. Junagarh is one of the most famous attractions of Bikaner. Other attractions of this city are Lalgarh Palace, Deshnok Temple, camel breeding farm and camel festival.

This city is also known for its Bhujiya (a spicy snack). This specialty of the city is a must-buy. Established in 1488 AD, the city once served as a trade route connecting India with Central Asia and China.

Junagarh Fort

It mirrors the rich culture of Rajasthan. Nobody could ever conquer this unassailable fort. It was built by Raja Rai Singh in 1593 AD. He was the most important general in the army of Emperor Akbar. One of the striking features of the fort is that it is encircled by a moat. There are two gates of the fort namely Karan Pol and Suraj Pol. This magnificent structure is a perfect blend of Rajput, Gujarati and Mughal styles of architecture. Its architectural beauty beautifully reflects in its carvings, wall paintings, stucco, stone inlay works, glass work, lacquer work and wooden ceiling.

This fortified fort was constructed with well-planned defensive barriers and barricades for defensive purposes. There are several stunning apartments inside this royal structure.

Some of the must-see apartments of the fort are:

Moon Palace

It boasts of exquisitely carved marble panels, mirror work and paintings.

Phool Mahal

Its mirror and glass work is a treat to the eyes.

Karan Mahal

This beautiful apartment was constructed to celebrate the victory over Aurangzeb.

Anup Mahal

It is a palace with several stories which served as the governance chambers.

Har Mandir

It is the shrine where the royal family used to worship Lord Krishna.


It display a rare collection of royal belongings such as carpets, jewelry, manuscripts, jars, treaties, arms and weapons, royal farmaans( messages) and many more things.

Bikaner Tour takes you to its fascinating attraction, Junagarh Fort. This fortified fort has wonderful interiors boasting of a variety of attractions. Moon Palace, Phool Mahal, Anup Mahal,Har mandir are a must-see attractions of Junagarh Fort.

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