Ladakh Travel Destinations

Ladakh is popularly known as the 'Land of Passes' and the 'Roof of the World' because of its location amidst Trans Himalayan region. The charm of this beautiful destination lies in its scenic mountain lanes, colourful gompas, Himalayas beauty, monasteries and fairs and festivals. It is one of the famous tourist destinations of Jammu and Kashmir situated at an altitude of 2,750 meters to 7,672 meters above sea level. This place is known for its scenic beauty, Indio-Tibet Buddhist culture and an array of thrilling adventure sports activities like trekking, mountain climbing and river rafting. Large number of tourists from several parts of the globe come here to spend memorable, pleasurable and fun filled holidays.

Some of the popular Tourist Attractions of Ladakh are:


Ladakh is known across the globe for its number of historical monasteries which showcase great deal of facts on Buddhist religion. Monasteries in Ladakh, popularly known as Gompas, mainly belong to the Hinayana or the Mahayana sects of Buddhism. These monasteries are known for their magnificent design, colourful decorations and rich collections of Buddhist arts and artefacts like murals, scriptures, Thangka paintings, sculptures and Buddha idols. Although Ladakh has number of monasteries but the most popular ones are Hemis, Lamayuru, Rizong, Thiksey, Alchi and Lekir.

Leh Palace

Although this palace is in ruins yet its architectural charm calls on a large number of tourists during their Ladakh Tour. This is a nine storied palace which was built by the King Singe Namgyal in the 16th century. The design of this historical palace resembles the Lhasa's Potala Palace. Along with the design and decorations this palace is also famous for its museum which has vast collection of historical items like Buddhist scriptures, frescos, idols and a statue of the Maitreya Buddha (future Buddha).

Tso Morari Lake

This is the largest high altitude lake amidst the Trans-Himalayan range. It is situated at an altitude of 4,500 meters above sea level. This is a beautiful lake with 30 km length and 8 km width. It is also renowned for its unique collection of flora and fauna species which enhances the serene and scenic beauty of this place.

Nubra Valley

This is another most romantic and popular tourist destination renowned across the globe for its scenic charm, Bactarian Camels (Shaggy double hump Camel) and Samstanling monasteries. It is situated at an average altitude of 10,000 feet which provides tourists a good option for trekking and hiking.

Large number of tourists Travel to Ladakh to spend their holidays amidst serene and scenic natural vistas. Tourist attractions in Ladakh revolve around its pristine beauty, monasteries and variety of adventure sports activities.

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