South India Handicrafts

Handicrafts are the artistic products made by the skill of the hand without the help of modern machinery. It is a type of work especially used as decorative items. Crafts are integral part of Indian society which represents its cultural diversity. Each region of India has its own uniqueness in terms of arts and crafts. South Indian handicraft has its own charm and glory which have attracted the attention of large number of tourists from across the globe.

The popular South India Handicrafts are:

Woodcrafts of South India

Woodwork is a popular craft in South India because this region is endowed with abundant forests which are rich in different varieties of wood. Wooden handicrafts includes items like carved figurines, decorative pieces, furniture and accessories, utensils, beads, panels and many more. Woodcraft of South India has distinct styles which are known across the world. Channapatna in Karnataka and Kondapalli in Andhra Pradesh are known across the world for its wooden toys. Karnataka is famous for carvings and exquisitely beautiful decorative pieces made from sandalwood.

Stone Carving of South India

Stone carving is another major handicraft of South India. During South India Tour tourist can see varieties of stoneware made up of yellow lime stone and colored white marble. Some of them are in filigreed, fretted marble or sandstone. One can see the best of stone carvings in South Indian temples whose intricate carvings are known across the globe. Some of the places where one can see the best of stone carvings are Meenakshi and Rameshwaram Temple of Tamil Nadu, Tirupati and Gundala Mallikarjuna Swami Temple of Andhra Pradesh and Cave and Vithala Temple of Karnataka.

South India is the area encompassing states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. These four states are famous across the globe for its natural and cultural diversities. These states are also famous across the globe for its arts and crafts.

The popular handicrafts of these states are:

Handicrafts of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is known across the globe for its wide range of South Indian silk saris which are famous for its fabrics, design and colorful compositions. Among all the silk garments Kanchipuram silk is the most popular one. The other popular handicrafts of this state are objects made from palm leaves and Palmyra fibers, metal ware, brass and bronze statues, hand woven clothes and beautiful jewellery.

Handicrafts of Kerala

Kerala popularly known as God's Own Country is renowned for its speckled charm of nature. Along with the natural beauty this state is also known for its handicrafts which are popular across the globe. Some of the popular handicrafts of Kerala are ivory, gold and silver jewellery, bamboo mat paintings, different types of lamps, Kathakali masks and dolls.

South India Handicrafts are known across the globe for its delicate design. These are especially used as decorative items which are purchased by tourists during their South India Tour.

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