Pangong Lake Tour

Pangong Tso is one of the largest brackish lakes in Asia situated at an altitude of 4,250 meter above sea level. This crystal clear blue lake spraws over more than 100 km across the border of two countries India and China. It is a charismatic lake situated on the Changtang plateau in eastern Ladakh region. This lake covers the area of 130 km in length and 7 km in width. Large number of tourists comes here to experience the indistinguishable beauty of this lake despite of its rough and tough route.

The awe-inspiring beauty of this lake is heightened by the vast barren area surrounding it. The Changchenmo mountain range to the north of this lake increases the serene and scenic charm because of its ever changing reflection on the lake surface. This mountain appears to be green, violet and brown in colour in the bright sun and its reflection over the lake in various shades hypnotizes visitors who come here from across the globe. There is no marine life in the lake expect for few birds like gulls and brahminy ducks which can be seen during the migratory season only.

During winter season freezing temperature engulfs the entire surroundings. The Pangong Lake freezes and its surface becomes so solid that animals and travellers can walk over it. During this season tourists get an opportunity to see a number of rare and endangered species of migratory birds. Some of the common sighted bird species during the winter season are black-necked crane, crested grebe, brown headed gulls and merganser. On the frozen lake surface a gala festival of ice-skating is organised which calls on large number of skiers and ice skaters from several parts of the world. During this festival tourists also get an opportunity to see the culture of the native people who have been living in this region for centuries.

The other well known tourist attractions which are located nearby lake are:

Chang La Pass

The Changla Pass is the third highest motorable mountain road in the world. It is situated at an altitude of 5,425 metres above sea level. The place is named after the sadhu Changla Baba for whom the Pass temple was built. This place is renowned for its serene and scenic natural beauty which absorbs tourists who come here from across the world.


Nearby surroundings of the lake has number of monasteries which have religious and historical significance. Small monasteries and rock inscriptions of this place are more than 1000 years old.

Mountaineering School

This institute is another attraction of this place where tourists come to learn the skills of trekking and mountaineering.

Large number of tourists prefers Pangong Lake Tour during their Leh - Ladakh visit. This lake is famous across the world for its scenic beauty. It is one of the ranked attractions of Ladakh tour.

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