Amber Fort Jaipur
A Living testimonial of Rajputana Glory

This fort also showcases the fascinating blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture, design and decoration. This is a classic and romantic fort palace having a magnificent aura which never fails to impress tourists who come here from across the globe. In 1592 Raja Man Singh I initiated this fort construction and in 1727 Sawai Jai Singh I finally completed the construction of this mega structure. There is a beautiful Maotha lake in the foreground of the fort which heightens the scenic beauty to it.

The fort looks rugged from outside, but it is totally enthralling and enchanting from inside. The entire fort complex is divided into huge halls, majestic palaces, beautiful temples and gorgeous green gardens. This is a hilltop fort which can be reached either by an elephant ride or on any vehicle. The elephant ride is the most royal way to visit several attractions of this fort. Tourists sit on the howdah the seat fitted on an elephant's back which is decorated with colorful ribbons and fitted with cushions for their comfort.

The captivating attractions of Amber fort which absorbs tourists during their tour are.

Diwan-i-Am or Hall of Public Audience

This hall of the public audience is the place where King with his ministers meets the common people to hear their grievances. It is a forty pillared pavilion was constructed by Mirza Raja Jai Singh. This hall is renowned for its marvellous design, decoration and constructions, which fascinate tourists during their visit. The pillar of this hall is adorned with exquisite carving of elephant and fresco paintings, which behold a tourist site during their visit.

Shila Mata Temple

This is a temple devoted to Shila Mata an incarnation of Goddess Kali the goddess of victory. The temple houses a black marble idol of the goddess which was brought here in 1604 by Raja Man Singh. The temple mandap is famous for its white marble construction, elegant design contrasting the black colours of the idols.

Jai Mander, Sheesh Mahal and Jas Mandir

These palaces of the Amber fort are renowned across the globe for its exquisite and delicate decorations in mosaics and marbles alabaster panels. The decorative motifs having inlay work of glass of these palaces stunned tourists during their visit. Each palace has its own distinctive theme, charm, design and decoration, which make tourists speechless during their visit.

Amber Fort is among the top ranked Rajasthan forts and palaces. This historic fort is known for its amazing architectural beauty, which never fails to impress tourists who come here from across the globe.

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