Chinese Fishing Nets
The Unique Charm of Kerala Tourism

The Chinese fishing nets are popular and unique attractions of Kerala which is renowned for its exceptional beauty. These nets can only be seen in Kochi, not anywhere else in India. Because of their indistinguishable beauty these fishing nets captivate tourists for long time. During Kochi tour tourists can see rows of Chinese fishing nets suspended on the seashore. The row upon rows of these nets increases the charm of Kochi beaches which enthrals tourists the most.

As the name suggests these net were used in China in ancient times. It was introduced in Kochi by the Chinese explorer Zheng during his Kerala visit. Though these fishing nets are used for fishing but their beauty never fails to enthral tourists.

The unique feature of these nets is the unusual method of fishing and operations. These nets have fixed land installations which are operated from the shore. These nets are suspended through bamboo and teak poles which are held horizontally by huge mechanisms that lower them into the sea. The structure of the Chinese fishing nets is about 10 meters in height and is operated by the group of six fishermen. When the net is submerged in water it covers the area of 20 meters. It is left in water for around 10 minutes and when it is taken out it contains number of fishes. The fresh and live fishes and crabs are sold to people who are waiting for it.

Cheenavala is the local name of these nets. The Vasco-Da-Gama Square is the best place to see the rows of fishing nets alongside the sea coast. Large number of tourists comes here to see the captivating beauty of Chinese fishing nets and the unique way of their operation. During sunset the dispersed sun rays through the nets creates a magical ambience which hypnotizes tourists who come here from across the globe. The beauty of these nets is so popular that these nets have been filmed in several bollywood cinemas. Large number of tourists gathers around these nets in evening to watch the beautiful sunset and magical charm of suspended rays through these nets.

The other tourist attractions which can be enjoyed by tourists apart from Chinese fishing nets during their Kochi tour are:

Backwaters of Kochi – The Kochi backwater has its own charm and glory because it is a chain of brackish lagoon and lakes which runs parallel to the Arabian Sea coast. Large number of tourists prefers backwater cruise as it gives them a chance to enjoy pristine beauty of nature.

Marine Drive – This is a picturesque promenade in Kochi facing the backwater. It is the favourite hangout of tourists where they can spend their leisure. Hill Palace – This is a beautiful palace which was built in 1865. It is famous for its archaeological museums in which one can see the rare collection of artefacts of yesteryears.

Chinese Fishing Nets are among the popular attractions of Kerala tour. These fishing nets are only found in Kerala on the coast of Kochi. These mid air suspended fishing nets are the popular attractions of Kochi tour.

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