Discover the Grandeur of Legendary
Dilwara Jain Temples at Mount Abu

Enriched with architectural wonders, Mount Abu is also known for its numerous tourist attractions that grab the attention of the visitors. Located in it, Dilwara Jain temples that are exquisitely carved of white marbles. Built in between the 11th and 13th centuries AD, these temples reflect the architectural splendor. Constructed in accordance with the Vastu Shastra, these temples are the finest examples of brilliant Indian craftsmanship. Ornamented with Jain shrines, the temples boast of being counted among the wonders of the world.

Some of the wonderful architectural styles can be seen in the magnificent temples that are listed below:

Vimal Vasahi

This temple is dedicated to Adi Nath who was the first Jain Tirthankar. Built by vimal shah, in 1021 AD, this temple is elegantly carved of white marble. Adding on to its beauty, the female figurines are also carved to excellence that attracts the tourists.

Luna Vasahi

Built in 1230 AD, this magnificent temple is dedicated to Nemi Nath who was the 22nd Tirthankar. The temple is renowned for its exquisite carvings that make it an outstanding architectural example. Tourists can find here 72 figures of Tirthankaras that are carved in sitting posture. Not only this you can also get to see 360 other figures of Jain monks here.

Mahaveer Swami Temple

Devoted to 24th tirthankar of Jain's lord Mahaveer, this temple was beautifully constructed in 1582. Known for its small architectural structure, this temple also encompasses beautiful pictures on its upper walls that showcase exquisite craftsmanship of the olden times.


Built by Bhima Shah, this temple is also called as Shri Rishabdaoji temple. Most of the wonderful statues that are carved here are also made using Pittal and that is why the temple is popularly known as Pitalhar temple. The temple comprises Navchowki and Gudu Mandapa that are worth seeing.

Khartar Vasahi

This temple is also known as Shri ParshavNath temple that was built between 1458-59 A.D. by Mandika clan. It has the tallest shrine among all the other dilwara temples. Marvelous carving has been done on the pillars of this jain temple that leaves the tourists flabbergasted.

Owing to the exceptional architecture Dilwara temples are not only visited by Jain pilgrims but also people of all religions. Visiting these temples is the best way to dive into the peace and devotion in a celestial ambience. Come to experience the most wonderful interior of the olden times by visiting the famous Dilwara Jain temples.

Dilwara Jain Temples in Mount Abu are the finest examples of extraordinary architectural style. Exquisitely carved these temples are amongst the most popular Rajasthan Attractions. The exceptional craftsmanship and architecture of these temples are equally appreciated by pilgrims as well as other tourists come here from across the globe.

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