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In Northern Karnataka state, lies the beautiful Hampi. The region enjoys historic as well as religious significance. A large number of Hindu devotees visit the region to offer their prayers to the God and take their blessings for a peaceful life. During your travel to Hampi, you will know the former capital of Vijayanagara Empire, which is loaded with monuments that dates back to 14th century AD. The ruins of Hampi Karnataka are amazingly beautiful. This group of monuments has been awarded the title of 'UNESCO World Heritage Site.


History of the Temples in Hampi is unbelievably rich. First historical identification of the region dates back to 1 CE. Recognized as Kishkindha, the Monkey Kingdom (Vanara Rajya- mentioned in Hindu epic Ramayana), the region attracts devotees from all over the world. The site is historically and architecturally rich. Statues of Hindu deities carved out of large stones speak volume about the devotion and the artwork of the people of bygone era.


Hampi has a range of Hindu temples that is actively used by locals for worshipping. Popular names of the temples in region are:

Virupaksha Temple

Also recognized as Pampapathi Temple, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is noted for a 160 feet high tower located at the entrance of the temple. Apart from the presiding deity, the temple complex also has the shrines of goddesses Pampa and Bhuvaneshwari. The temple is counted amongst must visit places of the region.

Hazara Rama Temple Complex

This is one of the most beautiful temples of Hampi. The temple houses a large number of inscriptions and carvings that depict the story of Ramayana. Manicured gardens and elaborated frescoes are the highlights of this ruined temple complex.

Vitthala Temple Complex

The popularity and the significance of the temple can be judged by the fact that Karnataka Tourism has adopted the iconic stone chariot as a symbol of the state tourism. The chariot is standing gloriously in the temple complex. 56 musical pillars of the temple are undoubtedly beautiful.

Sasivekalu Ganesha

Dedicated to the Lord Ganesha, the idol of this temple has his tummy tied with a snake. On one hand he has a noose and in another hand a Modak (his favourite sweet). The monolithic statue has been carved out of an 8 feet boulder and was during rule of Narasimha II, a Vijayanagara king.

Hampi Bazaar

A busy market at one point of time, the Hampi Bazaar still looks fascinating even with the ruined pavilions on both sides. Shopping enthusiasts can pick up jewelleries, clothes and antiques and also witness some cultural activities.

Archeological Museum

The tiny museum located in Kamalapura treasures the sculptures and idols recovered from the ruins of Hampi. It also displays many artifacts that belong to the Veerabhadra cult. Inside, one will find sculptures of Lord Shiva in Veerbhadra and Bhairava form, alongwith Shakthi, Lord Vinayak and Lord Kartikeya.

Festivals of Hampi

  • Hampi Festival or Vijay Utsav (November): Music & Puppet Shows, fireworks, rock climbing and water sports.
  • Purandaradasa Aradhana (January/February): Classical Music festival
  • Virupaksha Car Festival (March/April): Images of Virupaksha temple, taken out in a procession.
  • Phalapuja Festival (December): Ceremonial betrothal of the divine couple of Virupaksha temple.?
  • Diwali (October): firecrackers in Hampi Bazar and ceremonial functions in Virupaksha temple.
  • Sivaratri (February/March): Huge celebrations in the Virupaksha temple.

Best Time to Visit

Between October to February, the temperature is pleasant for sightseeing. Tourists can also consider a trip during the monsoon season, but they should be careful about the boulders which get slippery.


While in Hampi, a tourist will be spoiled by choice of accommodations as per budget and requirement. From simple guest houses to luxury hotels, everything is available here.

How to Reach

By Air: 143 km away from Hampi, Hubli has the nearest airport. Tourists can take a flight from Mumbai or Bengaluru to reach Hampi.

By Rail: Hospet Junction is around 13 km away from the destination. From Bangalore, Hyderabad and Goa there are several trains. Tourists need to see their schedule and plan accordingly.

By Road: State Transport is easily available. From Bangalore, Mysore and Gokarna, tourists can reach Hospet and for further connectivity, they can board on other buses that connect Hospet and Hampi.

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