Vaishali Tourism


Vaishali is a beautiful place in Bihar. Enriched with history, the place houses a large number of stupas, pillars and many other attractions. Vaishali is an important destination for Jainism and Buddhism followers. It is the birthplace of Mahavira who was the last thithankar of Jain religion. Located 55 km off Patna, Vaishali deserves a visit during your travel to Bihar .


This ancient region prospered during the period when Patna was recognized as Patliputra. During that time, many Buddhist buildings were built including stupas and pillars. The destination was named Vaishali after the King Visala, who found his mention in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Vaishali is also popular as the place where the last sermon of Buddha was preached.


Buddha Stupa-I&II?

Both of these are the prime locations for Buddhism followers. The stupa I & II got recognition after discovery of the sacred ashes of lord Budhha but at different time. Ashes were discovered in a casket. At Buddha Stupa II excavation was done in 1958. Different legends are related to both attractions. These are must visit places during Vaishali travel.

Ashoka Pillar

This pillar was built by the great emperor Ashoka. Also recognized as the 'Lion Pillar', it is made up of red sandstones. The pillar is an amazing attraction. The fact that makes it so special is that it was made with a single piece of highly polished stone. Around 18.3 m high, this pillar is topped with a life-size figure of a lion.

Bawan Pokhar Temple

Vaishali is equally important for Jain followers and Hindu followers. Built by the later kings of Pal dynasty, Bawan Pokhar temple houses the statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. As this beautiful temple is located on the bank of Bawan Pond, the temple got the name Bawan Pokhar Temple.

Other Attractions

Vaishali Museum, Abhiskek Pushkarn, Kundalpur (birth place of Lord Mahavira), Raja Vishal ka Garh, Shanti Stupa, Choumukhi Mahadeva and World Peace Pagoda are other attractions in the region. All of these have their own importance.


In Vaishali, accommodation options are limited. For better options, tourists can plan their stay in Patna.

How to Reach Vaishali

By Air: Patna is the closest airport. Vaishali is around 55 km away from Patna. Flights from all the prime locations like Delhi, Calcutta, Varanasi, Lucknow and Kathmandu are available.

By Rail: Hajipur railhead is around 35 km away from Vaishali. Hajipur connects the destination with rest of the country.

By Road: Vaishali is well-connected with all the nearby cities. Tourists can use state transport or can hire private vehicle to reach Vaishali.

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